Come On Over Everyone!

Hello to all of my subscribers! Just letting you know that I have a new blog! It’s very exciting, as this new site completely belongs to me. It will help me to be found on google, and is an accredited link with facebook and my website. So come on over and subscribe to that blog! See ya over there!

Here’s the link! New Blog

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Halie – Corvallis Portrait Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful jazz singer named Halie. I also got the privilege of photographing her in a “photo workshop” with 3 other amazing photographers. Sally, from Pink Caterpillar Photography, Sara from Sara Lil Photography, and Amber from Amber Photographic Art. They were all so wonderful and helped me out so much as this was the first time I had ever done a photo shoot in a “real” studio. I am so blessed to have met and become friends with such amazing photographers in Corvallis.

What I loved most about the shoot was being able to see how other photographers work with a client, and then seeing the finished product afterwards. It’s amazing how our different styles can come out of photographing the same exact person at the same exact time.

Here are a few of my favorites! Thanks to Sally for putting this together, thanks to Halie for being so gal darn beautiful, and thanks to Sara and Amber for all the photo advice. I hope we do this again soon!

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This is the most exciting part of my life so far, but I have been slacking on blogging! I just got back from an amazing (and much needed) vacation to see two besties in Colorado. Skiing and Apres, oh how I miss you already.

Now it’s back to work. Between my two server jobs and the photography business, I honestly feel like I am constantly working unless I am sleeping. (and sleeping has been enough, but definitely not what I am used to hahaha) Blogging = working. Emailing clients=working. Stalking other photographers blogs also=working. Haha.

I did an amazing shoot with an amazing singer named Halie Loren last week. It was my first experience in a studio and it was glorious. I did the shoot with 3 other amazing photographers who have A LOT more years under their belts and much nicer cameras! They were able to help me out a lot and give me great advice. It’s so great to see how different all of our styles are when we are shooting the same person at the same exact time. They have sent their photos already, and they have turned out amazing. I can’t wait to get them mine.

In more news I also have just booked my 8th wedding! I have another meeting with a bride on Sunday, and if she books I will probably cap off the weddings so I can be sure to spend as much time needed with all of my brides and grooms photos before, during and after their day. I am so grateful to have booked as many weddings as I have. I never in a million years thought that this many people would give me a chance when I have barely any wedding photos to show them. I really believe my passion shines when I meet with them and I am so excited to create amazing memories for them on their special day. I might be more excited about their weddings then they are!!!

Coming soon: a monthly donated shoot with Dana family, a family/baby shoot with Janelle family and another monthly donated shoot with Angela and hubby. Can’t wait!


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Baby Ashley – Corvallis/Albany Baby Photography

When I dreamt of doing newborn photography I imagined this whimsical experience where the baby would sleep soundly every place you put it for the shoot. Boy I was wrong. I’m on my 3rd baby shoot now, and I just keep hoping for the one that will sleep through a hurricane (aka me putting it in baskets and nests and anything that is adorable yet uncomfortable)  I guess I got that idea from all the baby photography I have looked at – the baby is usually sound asleep in the most strange spots like a flower pot or a scarf used as a hammock. Well, props to those photographers, maybe they slip a little something in their bottles:) Haha. But like I have said several times before, everything I do in this business is a learning experience.

I still loved meeting and photographing baby Ashley and all of the other babies I have photographed so far! She has a full head of dark hair and eyes so dark they had a blue tint to them. We found a method to a successful photo shoot. Feed, take some photos. Change the diaper, take some photos. Burp, take some photos. Feed again, take some photos. Haha. I love doing baby shoots because it allows me to use my love for staging things into ridiculous scenes like a baby floating down a river with a stork watching over it or something. Well, I guess that sounds  bit over the top, but maybe someday!

I am glad I stayed through Ashley’s third feeding because I got some great photos of her on a beautiful dining room buffet. She was a full and happy baby. It’s strange that the last few photos I take are always the best?

Here are a few sneak peeks from Baby Ashley’s photo shoot! Thanks Melissa and Ken I hope I didn’t wear you guys out too much yesterday afternoon!

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Baby Maddox. Corvallis Baby Photographer

Oh  no, it’s happened. I have been slacking on my blog. I have kept up my website and Facebook quite nicely, but finding the time to write in my blog is difficult since I like to ramble a lot.

I finally got to do my first “new born” shoot. The youngest child I have done until now was 9 months old. That 8 months is quite a difference since new borns only smile when they’re pooping:) haha. Seriously though, I loved photographing baby Maddox. He was such a sport, a “born” natural. My favorite thing about photographing babies is that I can be as artistic as I want without the photo looking cheesy. I have so many more ideas in store for when my portable studio arrives (hopefully within the next few days!! Yippee!)

I have another new born baby boy lined up but I really want to photograph a little girl! Flowers and tutu’s and pink and purple and sparkles and pazazz!! (It sounds like I will be photographing Liza Minnelli’s child)

Everyone meet Baby Maddox!

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Amanda Marie Photography is looking for a few senior reps!


Since summer is just around the corner, it’s almost that time for the class of 2012 to start thinking about their senior photos! I am looking for one senior rep per high school in Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon, and Philomath. I am looking for someone who is active in their highschool…who is involved in extra curricular activities…and who is ambitious! This will be a great opportunity for a senior to learn a little bit about business and how important marketing and word of mouth is, right before they hit college! Also to earn some money and take pride in accomplishment. Gosh, I wish I would’ve had this when I was a senior!

The senior will need consent from the parent or guardian and you will even be able to work as a team! Each senior rep will receive:

A free top notch photo shoot including up to 3 locations, 3 outfit changes and 2-3 friends. A 5×7 photo album of about 20-30 proofs.                                                                                   An 11×14 framed photo of their choice.                                                                                           100 business referral card with their name on it! (and my phone and email of course)          $15 per student referred! (check written out to student when senior photo season is over)

Their photo shoot is worth about $200 alone! I will have senior photo packages up soon, please contact me if you or anyone you know might be interested!

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A New Logo and Watermark!

I’m very excited to have a new logo and watermark. I think I have had 4 or 5 different logo’s since starting this little rondevu, but I really think that this is “the one.” Thank you to Amy Dasso at Madison Avenue Collective for helping my dream come alive. She has my heart…As I watched her design my logo in about 30 minutes, i couldn’t help but day dream the HOURS I have put into all the the logos I have designed that I changed out like a dish rag. I will never get those hours back.

Anyway, enjoy!

New Watermark! 

New Logo! Let’s party!

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